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Kevan Mogk
Design & Deployment
Over 20 years in retail and distribution logistics. Online, Kevan is a full-stack ecommerce designer and system architect with expertise in order cycle and fulfillment. Additionally, Kevan brings an extensive knowledge of social media and affiliate marketing.
Ryan Cloke
Programing & Development
eCommerce and marketplace developer. Ryan's fluent in PHP, Javascript, Objective-C, C/C++, C#, COBOL, Flex, HTML/XHTML, XML, CSS, Java, Bash developer, with databases handyword in MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL. Web (LAMP), Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and Facebook development platforms.
Josh Gaudreault
Digital Marketing
Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist and most recently the Head of Marketing at Baskits Inc. Certified Google AdWords and Analytics professional. Experience managing the digital marketing portfolios of over 200 clients in the restaurant industry across Canada, the USA, and France.
Dena DaSilva
Content Specialist
Focused on content strategy and creating, researching, writing, and editing content to targeted audiences while employing SEO strategies. Maintains the editorial calendar to track content through the editorial process while adhering to strict deadlines.